Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How to Increase Download Speed? - Simple way

The Internet is the fastest and easiest way to get all types of information and multimedia, but if you are stuck with slow download speeds, you are not getting the most out of the Internet. A fast computer will help a little, but there are several ways to increase your download speed without upgrading your computer. Read on to learn how to increase your download speed.

  1. Check with your Internet service provider about Internet connection options. The speed of your Internet connection is the most significant variable to your download speed. If you have dial-up Internet access, consider upgrading to a Direct Service Line (DSL) or a cable connection. Even if you already have cable, your Internet service provider may have faster cable services available.
  2. Understand a fast connection. Connection speed is measured by the amount of data that can be transferred per second, usually kilobits per second (Kbps) or megabits per second (Mbps). There are 1024 kilobits in one megabit. Most dial-up connections are 56 Kbps, while cable can be as fast as 20 Mbps. When you contact your Internet service provider, they should be able to tell you the speed of their connections.
  3. Close any open programs you do no need when downloading. This will free up your computer's resources to better handle the data transfer. If possible, have your computer download the files you need while you are away from the computer.
  4. Prioritize your downloads. Download only the files you really want first and start other downloads later. The more files you download simultaneously, the slower the files download.
  5. Try downloads at different times of the day. The more people who are downloading the same file, the slower the file downloads for everyone. If you are experiencing a slow download, try it at a different time of day when fewer people might be trying to download the same file.
  6. Install Download Accelerator. Download Accelerator is a program that optimizes your computer's download capabilities. It not only increases the speed of your downloads, it helps you manage them. When you begin downloading a file, Download Accelerator saves the file so that you can resume downloading it later if necessary. To get Download Accelerator, go to the Download website, search for Download Accelerator, click "Download Now" and follow the directions.

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  1. I used the Download manager software but it not increased my internet speed....So i used the following tips to increase speed manually,now my internet speed is fine.

    1)Install the latest browser like google Chrome and Firefox
    2)You can download the latest virus software it will protect the PC from Internet malware,
    3)You can always reset the Modem and then use
    4)Use Torrent for Uploading and Downloading.
    To check the speed of the internet ,You can please reach here it provides results in Mbps and MBps Measurement ..