Sunday, May 13, 2012

How to zoom in on your iPhone’s entire display?

You probably know how to zoom in on a web page in the iPhone’s Safari browser by “pinching” the page with your fingertips, but what if you want to magnify the entire iPhone screen, including even the digital clock and battery icon at the top of the display?

The trick, as it turns out, is a three-finger tap—but you’ll have to tweak a key iPhone setting first.

Just change this one setting on your iPhone to magnify its screen with a three-finger double-tap.

Ready to give it a try? Here we go…
  1. From your iPhone home screen, tap Settings, General, Accessibility, Zoom, then switch Zoom to “On.”
  2. Now double-tap the screen with three fingers at once, and well … zoom!
  3. Want to pan around your zoomed-in iPhone display? Just swipe around as your normally would, expect using three fingertips at once rather than just one.
  4. You can also adjust the magnification level by double-tapping and holding with three fingers (it’s a “tap” and a “hold,” not a double-tap and then a hold), then dragging your fingertips up (to increase the zoom level) or down (to decrease the magnification).
  5. Had enough? Double-tap the screen with three fingers again to make it jump back to the normal view.

Note: This tip also works on the iPad and the iPod Touch.

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