Sunday, May 8, 2011

Benefits of gmail for business

With the rapid adoption of Google Apps comes an interesting phenomenon that is only now coming to light as such a remarkable testament to the value of Gmail for business.  Despite tens of millions of new business and consumer users and literally dozens of technological innovations, Gmail has managed to maintain an incredible rate of reliability.  In fact, Google Apps doesn't even have the so-called "maintenance windows" as part of its service level agreements, mostly because it just doesn't need them.     

Wow, right?  But how'd they do that?   

View this TechRepublic Webcast to learn how Gmail is specifically designed to maximize scalability, reliability and security for businesses of all types and sizes.  

  • Gain invaluable insight into Google's own datacenter management strategy and how the measures taken there can also benefit your business.
  • Learn what you need to justify a new business communications platform while virtually eliminating the burden of a timely and costly migration.
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