Monday, May 9, 2011

Steps to recover lost Windows XP files

Windows XP is the most reliable, famous and spontaneous Operating System till date by Microsoft. No doubt Windows Vista and Windows 7 are the latest version of Windows OS but still Windows XP outshines them. We can’t deny the fact that corruption is inevitable and can happen anytime without any prior intimation. Same is the case with Windows XP it can be affected with virus, can get crash unexpectedly, can be formatted or re-formatted wrongly and all these conditions lead to inaccessibility of Windows files and folders. These reasons of corruption are unavoidable and take a toll on our data files and folders. But if you have expert data recovery utilities with you, then you can be tension free as these utilities are capable of recovering lost data of Windows XP. Data Recovery Utilities are designed with great expertise for assuring complete and accurate data recovery.
Following are some general steps that you should follow if your MS Windows XP computer is looking dead or has simply stopped working. Please note that all the below steps need to be followed in a proper order:
  • Check out your system hardware. Verify that the power cables are properly connected, CPU ventilator is functioning properly, and the hard drive is spinning up. Hard drive is one of the most sensitive components of your computer system, which may fail over time due to various reasons like power outages and accidental drop down.
  • Check whether your system displays the BIOS (Basic Input/Output Systems) screen. If you cannot see anything, check monitor cable to make sure it is attached properly.
  • Check that the MS Windows XP boot window is displayed. If it is not displayed and you encounter some error message, the problem may with system boot sector. You have to repair Windows XP boot loader or MBR (Master Boot Record).
  • Undo the changes if you have recently installed a hardware or software, or made any changes to BIOS.
  • If Windows XP is booting, but it crashes over time, the problem may be due to a damaged system file. Copy the affected file from Windows XP boot CD and reboot your system.
If all the above steps fail to fix the issue then its confirm that file system or any other system metadata structure corruption is the main culprit in making the data files inaccessible. In such cases, you need to format the hard drive and reinstall operating system. Though, formatting helps you to fix most of the hard drive related problems, but it also removes all data from hard drive and you would be requiring data recovery utilities to sort out this data loss issue. Data recovery utilities enable the user to recover data without waiting too long.

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