Monday, December 12, 2011

Android on VirtualBox

Android, which is one of the most revolutionized mobile OS introduced by Google has come long way since its first introduction. recently Google released Nexus One phone which was said to be good by Linus too. so, everyone would like to experience Google Android although you have no Android supported phone. here's a way with your favorite VirtualBox.

Step 1 :
Download the 2 latest CD images.

Step 2 :
if you are on windows use PowerISO or something to combine these two CD images 
if you are on Linux change directory to the directory where you put your image files and simply type the following:

cat liveandroidv0.3.iso.001 liveandroidv0.3.iso.002 > liveandroidv0.3.iso

(make sure that you have typed the correct version number as mentioned in the image file)

Step 3 :
Start VirtualBox and create a new virtual machine : select Operating System as Linux 2.6 and give 300+ MB for Base memory and you don't need to create a virtual hard disk.

Step 4 :
Start the newly created Virtual machine : and in the wizard choose CD/DVD-ROM Device as Media type and Image file as the source. simply select the location of your CD image to that place.

That is it.... now you will boot into Android OS have fun........

Controls :
Arrows - Navigation
Enter - confirm
Escape - back
windows key - home

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