Saturday, December 3, 2011

How to Calculate Hash, Compare Files And Join & Split Files?

File Tools is a an opensource utility which is primarily built for splitting and joining files. It also includes checksum and comparison functions to check file chunks and joined file against original Hash value. You can set it to generate a hash file separately while performing joining or file splitting.

However, the application is not new in the software arena, the processing speed and simple usage made us cover the application. All the 4 main features are listed on the left flank, you can start out with any option you want to. Before splitting or joining files, you can enable an option for saving checksum and also compare the files. While processing, it also saves checksum file in the same folder. Under Split window, you have the options for specifying Size Presets, Size Unit and enable/disable an option for calculating checksum. It also lets you specify chunk size to fit your needs. After the settings are in place, specify the Input file, output path and name of the file. Click Split button to begin the process. Join feature only need a .001 to be specified to begin the file joining process.

It displays all the information of processes being carried out and if selected calculates the checksum.

While testing, it made two chunks of one hefty video file having 900MB size in couple of minutes. If you’re rarely need to use file joiners and splitters, you can give this application a try as it offers absolutely no unwanted settings and options. It supports all Windows based OS, we tested it on Windows 7 x86 system.

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