Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Easy way to Find Lost cell phone

This is to enable your cell phone wallpaper in the cell phones display settings
to show a QR barcode with instructions for returning the phone if lost.

Step 1

You will use the free site here click on "Create" button then
fill out form and then
click "Createcqcode" button

Step 2

Then get the API URL
found above this image.
Test the API URL to make sure it works
by putting in browser address box
and go there on the internet.

Step 3

Then go click on the "Lost" button to encode a QRcode with the API url.

Step 4

Input your API URL in any box you want to
and click "CreateQRcode" button.
Use your cell phone camera take a picture and set it as wallpaper.
Any one who finds the phone and scans the QRcode it goes to the website
You just Created back at step #1

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