Thursday, February 9, 2012

How To Disable Automatic Download on Internet Download Manager

Internet download manager is often automatically captures files that we do not really want to download. This would result in internet bandwidth that can fill up quickly and will interfere with some activities that you are running simultaneously on your computer. In addition, for those who have multiple network computers in one house, active IDM will make another computer running slow or halting.

Therefore, just turn off the automatic download feature on your Internet download manager. Here's how to disable it.

Open internet download manager
On the menu bar, click the “download”, then “option”.

Click on the ”file types” tab, then click “edit list”.

Give the check on the “show the dialog to add an address to the lists of exceptions” "function gives thechecklist on that options is to enter a URL automatically to the existing list below when we cancel thedownload from the same place as many as two times.

If the URL is entered in the list, the IDM will not do automatically download to that address.
In addition, you can also add URLs manually to the list by clicking the Add button.

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  1. just download Firewall App Blocker v1.2

    then drag and drop all exe files in the Internet download manager folder to the Firewall App Blocker thats all
    have fun mates