Saturday, April 28, 2012

How to Place Facebook Chat on Firefox Sidebar?

The coolest feature of the Facebook which permits you to send live messages, or in internet word, ping your friends is the Facebook chat. As it is the most frequently used feature of this great social networking site, therefore it deserves to be at the top. The chat can be placed at the Mozilla Firefox sidebar by following these simple steps:

1). At the top-most navigation of your page, you will find an option by the name of “Bookmarks”. Select “Organize Bookmarks” from this menu.

2). There you will find the tab by the name of “New Bookmark”.

3). On clicking “New Bookmark” it will ask for some information. Fill it according to the following:

Fill “Facebook Chat” in the space provided in front of the “Name” section.
Type the URL “” in the space provided in front of “Location” section.
Also check the check box as shown

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