Saturday, April 28, 2012

Using Task ForceQuit Pro to Quickly End Tasks - Easy way

After some digging around in the registry, I have traced the problem to the fact it writes a registry entry when you tick the box, but the next time it checks if the box has been ticked before, a different non existent registry key is checked. Below are the registry entries that will stop the activation window appearing and also stop the success window from popping up again. Copy the text below into a notepad text file, and save as ‘yourname.reg’. Then double click the file to import into the registry. Works on current version
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

If Task ForceQuit Pro didn’t have these nagging screen issues and the restart / shutdown buttons could be made a bit safer, it has the potential to be a very good little utility. With the registry entries above applied, it still makes a handy tool even though you have to take care with the bottom row of buttons.Compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP
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