Sunday, September 25, 2011

Did you boot into Ubuntu again?

Ooops, did you boot into Ubuntu again just because it's on top of the list? I know many of you who use multiple operating systems on a single computer face this problem. There are many ways to get over this problem. I use a simple method. The method is to let the the operating system of my previous login to be the default selection of my next login. It's a simple and effective method.

Here's how you can do it.

First Step: Boot into Ubuntu
Here you have to first boot into Ubuntu and then to open a new terminal.
Then you have to open the grub. I use gedit or you can use any text editor that you are familiar with. Simply enter this line in the terminal.

sudo gedit /etc/default/grub

Here sudo means you are requesting access as a power user. So you'd be prompted to enter your login password. Once you entered the grub will be opened in the text editor.

Second Step: Edit the grub
You have to be careful now. If you don't know what you're doing you should keep out from editing this file. But you'll be just fine if you do as i say. =)
After you opened the grub using a text editor you'll be able to see a line that says,

GRUB_DEFAULT=0as in this screen cap.

You've to change that to,

GRUB_DEFAULT=savedThen add this line to the file as well.

GRUB_SAVEDEFAULT=trueAfter editing the file will look like this.

Now save the file (simply press ctrl+s on gedit) and close the text editor. But don't close the terminal because it's not done yet. 

Final step: Update grub
This is really important. You have to update the grub.cfg file in order to the changes to take effect. To do this enter this in the terminal.

sudo update-grubIf it prompts for the password enter it and let it do the necessary changes.

Now every time you boot in to the computer your last login selection will be selected by default. Restart the computer, login to the other OS and restart again and see that now your default selection is not Ubuntu...or whatever that was on top of the list, unless you selected it in your last login. Hope this helps you...catch you next time. Leave a comment if you've any problem. =)

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