Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How to accelerate Hard Disk Performance?

Hard disk filled with lots of data in it will make the hard disk become slow in reading data stored on the computer. This is because the files contained on the hard disk are spread in several parts of the disk so it needs a lot of time to access any part of the data file.

Here are 5 tips that may help you in member computer's hard disk to increase performance and speed in reading data from hard disk.

1. Removing Duplicate Files from Hard Disk
With so many files contained in the computer, then chances are there are a lot of the same data will be even greater. Usually this is found on mp3 files that you often copy and paste with any, regardless of whether the track already exists or not on your computer.

Maybe it will take considerable time to search for duplicate data manually, but using free software to find duplicate data may be helpful to wash the computer from the data the same data.

2. Delete Temporary Files / Temporary Files
Windows makes a lot of Temporary Files as long as you use a computer. You may often remove them, but some diantranya will continually be made at the time you start your computer, just as browsing the Internet, installing software and more. Some examples of these temporary files are: file fragments, Browser Cache, Memory Dumps, Log Files, Cookies, Recycle Bin.

You can use a set of free software to clean Temporary Files / Temporary Files.

3. Defragment the Hard Disk
Defragment your computer's hard disk is one effective way to accelerate the performance of your hard disk. It is recommended that you defragment your computer regularly (not too often and do not use too many different software defragment diff).

Many free software to defragment the computer's hard disk, previously I've written an article about this click the link to.

4. Find and Fix Hard Disk Errors
Defragment may not be enough if you have any hard disk that has begun to wear: D. To find out the hard disk that errors can be done with the following features of the default Windows

* Open windows explorer
* Right click on the disk partition you want to know his error
* Select the Tools menu and then Properties
* Then click on Check button now

Or you can use Windows software for finding and Surface Scanner Scan BadSector On Hard disk
5. Delete Data Unimportant
Perhaps unconsciously you have many files such as piling, pictures or photos, songs, videos b ****: D and others,.

Difficult indeed to remove a file from the computer, because sometimes no matter how small files could be very useful when you need it, but if not removed some of it will make your hard disk capacity becomes small.

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