Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Brief and Understandable History of SEO (search engine optimization), blog and Benefits

Search Engine Optimization, or commonly known as SEO it was already so well known, studied, etc. by the bloggers. It is quite understandable because of the existence of a blogger  one of them will be determined by penguasaanya SEO blog. There's even an opinion that states: mastering SEO means 50% of the online world already digenggaman tanggan. Why is that?

SEO can be given meaning as a set of resources and efforts made to improve the quality of the articles to be able to occupy the top position on search engines first page of search results with specific keywords. The goal there is no other page has a tremendous opportunity to visit search engine users, so that traffic will blog.

Because of such benefits, and as more online media usage in this world, the SEO becomes increasingly important and costly merchandise. Many products and business transactions born of SEO. SEO Company with any merchandise popping up, and it is increasingly brisk competition among bloggers worldwide. The minor question is since when SEO is known?

Danny Sullivan argued that the term SEO was first introduced on July 26, 1997 by a spam message posted on Usenet. The algorithm of search engines at the time was not yet sophisticated and complex that is still very easy to manipulate. Search algorithm based on the information through the meta tags on their blogs html code. Webmaster manipulated by writing the keyword that does not comply with the contents of the blog, so that search engines rank of the blog
Larry Page and Sergey Brin, a Ph.D. student of computer science at Stanford University, overcome by building Back Rub, a simple search engine. Complex mathematical algorithms function calculation result of the combination of links that lead to a blog page with analysis of the quality of each link, then the algorithm is called Page Rank.

Based on the mechanism of Page Rank, it is ascertained that a blog page that ranks high is that many of the pages linked by other blogs. The higher the Page Rank value when the blog page linked by a link from high-quality sites like Yahoo, DMOZ, etc..

In 1998 Page and Brin founded Google, which is the development of BackRub, Google finally gain public confidence in its success provides Internet users with high-quality search results, fast, and relevant. Then a standard good page rank for webmasters to obtain Page Rank values ​​as high as possible.

Along with the development of search engine optimization blog then expanded in order to look good in front of search engines. The blogger (website manager) even manipulate, etc to win a competition. But hence also the search engines is growing with more perfect. At the beginning of these developments is the webmaster submits their blog address to the Search Engine, then SE responded by sending a web crawler or spider go to the blog in question. By working through page by page, then download the page to be indexed and stored in a database.

Then the program index search for information in these blogs to determine the level of page rank in accordance with the provisions of the formula search engine algorithms. As the increasingly tight competition to win the SEO bloggers bloom then find a way clever, evil, black to simply outsmart the system search engine. Its interests only one that won the top position on search engine result page.

Party search engines also continued to refine the system, and they seemed to compete with the bloggers from time to time. War of the ability to repair the system with the seeker system weaknesses eventually happen, until this moment.

Generally search engines designed a system to index the blog on the basis of which is based on several factors, among others:
1. The domain name
2. Title
3. Html Tags
4. Keywords used
5. Image file name (alt attribute)
6. Frequency of website updates
7. Sitemap
8. Keyword density (density)
9. etc.

From some of the above of course the fighters struggle SEO can menyesuakan direction. Thus the activists surveyed SEO keywords, optimization through SEO Onpage, optimization through SEO Offpage and others. Similarly, brief exposure of the history of SEO, may benefit.

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