Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tips for Speeding up the computer booting process

Turning on the computer quickly is the dream for computer users, The following may be used as an alternative to faster computers in the affairs of the boot.

Open the Run window type in msconfig, after the System Configuration Utility opens. On the BOOT.INI tab, check the "/ NOGUIBOOT". This will shorten the boot time by removing the Windows startup Startup tab, selection items repeated a minimum that is needed less and less that run has been accelerating the process of booting and then Go to System Properties, select the Advanced tab. Resetting the Performance option. Then select "Adjust for Best Performance" in the Visual Effects tab, Remove wallpapers and minimization of the number of desktop icons also can speed up your PC
, Eliminating the sound on the Windows Start event will also speed up the boot process, select "No Sounds" in the sound scheme.
More and more number of fonts installed will increase your PC's workload. Windows by default include a number of less than 100 fonts. Keep the number of fonts installed on the range of 150 fonts. The last time these drivers are not used and remained influential well into the speed for the easiest way to use additional utilities such as Driver Cleaner.

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