Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bulk Player Mate: Play All YouTube Videos In Custom Playlists [Chrome]

Do you often find yourself searching for your favorite songs or reality show episodes on YouTube, but are unable to play them in sequence? Bulk Player Mate For YouTube is a Google Chrome extension that lets you play all or any of the YouTube videos in a new tab by just selecting your favorite links. It lets users create a custom playlist of miscellaneous videos, and play them sequentially without requiring any further input on your part.
Once the extension is installed, a button for Bulk Player appears right next to your URL bar.
When on YouTube, clicking the button opens a new window with the videos listed. You can scroll through the list in order to select your desired videos. The list can be viewed in three different ways; with text descriptionswith image thumbnails or with embedded videos, or you can choose the all of the aboveoption. Select the videos by clicking the check-boxes, and change their playback order by using theup/down buttons right below the page. Finally, when in order, just hit the OK button to play them all.
A new tab will be opened to play the videos in your selected order. The new tab has a player with a number of handy features, including controls to go to the previous/next video and to play the video form the beginning. Furthermore, you can change the size of the player.
New tab
This extension is especially useful for people who regularly watch videos divided into a number of parts. Just select all parts or episodes, and play them using Bulk Player Mate. This extension provides you with a simple way of organizing videos and creating a customized playlist, and can be grabbed for free at the link given below.

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