Sunday, October 16, 2011

Download Avast 4.8 Antivirus Free Full Version

There are many anti virus that I been used all of them are great but there is one Anti virus that I can said best of the Greats. For me Avast Anti Virus from Alwil Software is one of the best anti virus I been used it is not only because it is very easy to install but it is so easy to operate and I am so comfortable and secured using it.

Download Avast 4.8 Antivirus here:

Here is the Procedure on how to Install Avast 4.8 Antivirus:
1. You have to double click your installer in order to open it.

2. Wait while the setup is copying file. then click next.

3. The read file will attach to the screen. the click next.

4. The License agreement will show on the screen. then click I Agree and Next.

5. You need to choose the destination address. then click next.

6. Then you need to choose your installation configuration either it is Typical, Minimal or Custom. Its better to choose Typical Installation. then click next.

7. The Installation information will be show. click next.

8. The installation is on progress after that the it will ask if you want to schedule boot scan your system after you reboot your system. Click yes in order to scan your system after the reboot of the system or before the system start up.

9. The setup is finally finish click finish and your system will automatically restart and scan your system.

Staying your system clean from viruses is one of the best care that you can made to your computer. So keep it clean by installing anti virus. Try and experienced Avast Anti virus keep it up to date.

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