Friday, October 14, 2011

Difference between Web Designing Versus Application Designing?

A website design company might be in conflicting terms with an application designer. There are distinct differences between the two and they are to be appreciated by one another. Each one of them is endowed with their strengths and fair share of weaknesses, with ones weakness being the strength of the other. An application designer is aware of the fact that additional features incorporated into a design might backfire. So to keep a Web design company in check an application designer must create designs that are lean and crisp.

A Website development company has an edge because the focus of an application designer is always narrow as compared to a Web designer. This narrowness is because of restricted use of space by an application designer. For instance, an application designer would attempt to incorporate as many applications as possible on a mobile screen which ultimately becomes a limiting factor. The greater the number of applications, the more challenging is an application designer's task. For a web designer this limiting factor does not exist as he works on a Website. For a best web development company the greater the number of applications incorporated in a site the higher would be its acceptability among users.

What is more important to note here is the usefulness or value of an application. Both a web designer and application designer must integrate features or applications that add value rather than just numbers.

An application designer is always on the lookout for adding features that are markedly different from those being offered by web designers. This is one area where a Website design company  has stayed behind an application designing company. There is a tendency among web designers to make certain alterations to an already existing application rather than create a generic one. A web designing company to emerge successful in the long run must always make attempts to create innovative applications.

While creating generic or unique applications a web development company must be cautious that they use standard GUI (graphical user interface). In the event these applications fail to work on standard GUI the deviations are to be clearly specified. However for all practical purposes and for the benefit of users in general, it is advisable that a website development company create applications that are standard GUI friendly. It is customary to get links underlined, arrange navigation keys at the sides or top of a webpage, and use buttons for navigation. Deviating from these norms in order to create something novel is a useless exercise until they are vividly indicated. If a website is not user friendly it is likely to lose its visitor.

Incorporating useful error messages to a website is something a website design company must be thoughtful about. A useful error message not only indicates an error but also ways to avoid it. This is applicable for both application and web designers. A helpful error message would aid in making a webpage more user friendly.

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