Saturday, October 22, 2011

How to Convert a WPS File Extension?

The WPS file extension is something of a relic when it comes to word processing programs. It was the original word processing program when DOS was introduced in the late 1980s. As with all things '80s-related, it seems there are still some WPS files in circulation or on old floppy disks that need to be introduced to the 21st century. Here are a handful of tricks you can use to change those pesky WPS files over.
    1. Double-click the WPS file. If you are lucky, you will automatically be prompted by Microsoft Word to update the file to a .doc extension.
    2. Rename the file manually. Right-click on the WPS file's icon, select "Rename" and change the extension manually. For example, you can rename the file Cool.wps to Cool.doc. Once you've renamed it, double-click the file and see if it will load.
    3. Copy the data on the WPS file and paste it into a new Word file. If the data successfully pastes--that is, it doesn't paste proper sentences as a string of numbers and symbols--then you can save the file and delete the old WPS file.
    4. If you have MS Works, you can load WPS files and save them as either .doc or .txt files.
    5. Download a WPS converter (see resources) from Microsoft as a last resort. This converter will load the WPS file and prompt you to save it as a .doc or .txt file.

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