Saturday, October 22, 2011

How to search similar images from Google in Firefox?

Google Image search allows users to search the web for image content, and with ease. Recently, Google added the option to look up similar images, but for that, you either have to enter the image URL, or upload an image from you local file system before the search can be performed. Google Image Searchis a Firefox add-on that makes look-up for similar images even easier by letting you right-click any image, and use the context menu to have Google search similar pictures for you. Google will access information about where on the web the image had been used, and it will also filter out all other similar images.
To search an image, just right-click it and hit the Google this image option in the context menu.
Google Image Search displays results in split seconds, consisting of all websites where the image has been used, as well as all Visually Similar images.
Google Image Search is a handy add-on, particularly if you deal with image searches on Google quite often. It can be grabbed at the link provided below.

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