Sunday, October 16, 2011

How to remove Viruses using command prompt? - Easy steps

Viruses is one of the biggest problem of our computer system. Viruses can cause your PC to be Always hang, Computer Operating System Corrupt, Hard disk drive Bad sectors and more. There are also many ways on how to remove those viruses, you can remove it by scanning your drives using your anti virus and you can also remove it manually using a command prompt. Scanning of viruses using of your Anti virus is very common so I will going to give you a tips on how to remove viruses using a command prompt.

Follow this instructions:

  • Go to command prompt. click start > run > then type "cmd".
  • Command Prompt will appear then type the drive letter. Example: you want to remove viruses in your drive d:.
  • Type d: (colon) and press enter.
  • Then type "attrib" then press enter.
  • Directories from drive d: will viewed. Find the batch file of the viruses like .bat,.inf, and sometimes .exe ( be careful in deleting the .exe batch file it is an installer of a software but if you see a mysterious .exe file that is a virus example are : new folder.exe and sex.exe.)
  • Delete viruses using a command "del" and the virus name it goes like this " del (space) bungoton.bat" then press enter.
  • After deleting all viruses restart your computer.
  • after the restart go again in the command prompt then type the drive letter and press enter and type "attrib" then enter.

If the viruses that you delete before you restart your PC is back I recommend you to reformat your computer but if the viruses are gone after you restart your computer it means you made it successful. This tips is only proven by my own Please click the link for more tips in PC Maintenance and Troubleshooting.

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