Friday, October 14, 2011

What are the useful Features of CMS Built Using WordPress?

WordPress is widely used platform around the globe as a Content Management System because it has many powerful features in it that makes it a preferred choice to switch from a traditional HTML-based website to WordPress. There are many reasons why people use WordPress as CMS. WordPress supports lots of international languages and it is very important if your business is able to cover various regions across the world because only English readers cannot be your customers. WordPress language extension is useful feature and it is gives possibility for your website visitors to select language in which they want to view your website. It will give you an advantage to customize the language with just a single click of the mouse.

WordPress comes with user authentication feature and give facility to multiple users to access the website at the same time each user can access the website with his or her own user rights. In most cases in the development of a traditional websites the developers have to add authentication and user access features in separate way but in WordPress, this is comes as a native feature. Using with various extensions it is possible to build a powerful social networking website with almost no investment and at a much faster rates compare to hiring a developer to do it. Templates are important aspects to achieve a consistent look and feel throughout the website so one needs not to worry about those pages which are destroying the look of your entire website. 

WordPress represents all web pages within a template and the best part is a template can be manipulated at any point in time so there is no need to revisit each and every web page in order to change how it looks because a single click is all it requires to change the look and feel of the entire website. WordPress makes it easy for people around the various sections to work on a website at a same time. Now, there is no longer a dependency where one has to remain dependent on the designer or programmer in order to get their content uploaded on the website. Once user has given the proper permissions and with proper rights anyone with a supported web browser can create content to use on the website and have it published. All newly published pages from the single template have the same site-wide template which makes sure that a consistent look and feel is maintain throughout the website and it allows the use of extensions feature which is perhaps the most powerful feature of Word Press.

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