Monday, October 17, 2011

How to put a Static IP Address in computer?

Sometimes we can encountered a network problem called "Conflict IP address in a network". It means there is two or more the same IP address in your network or Computer. Sometimes it is happening when your IP address was obtain automatically. There is a way to avoid conflicting of IP Addresses in a network and that is manually putting of a static IP address in your computers.

Follow this Instructions on how to manually set a static IP Address in a Network Computers.

1. Right Click the Icon of "My Network Places" then go to properties.

2. Right Click the "Local Area Network Icon" then choose properties.

3. Local Area Network Properties will appear, The double click on the "Internet Protocol (TCP\IP).

4. Then the Internet Protocol (TCP\IP)Properties will appear. Click "Use the Following IP Addresses".

5. Then you can now set manually an Ip Address on that computer. Including your subnet mask "" and the default gateway of the internet server.

6. If you are connected on the internet Put a Preferred DNS Server same as the IP address of the default gateway then click Ok.

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