Sunday, October 23, 2011

How To Set Up A Small Business Computer Network ?

How To Set Up A Small Business Computer NetworkIf you are running a small business setting up a network between various computers is a vital for cost effective communications and for sharing network resources. How do you start setting up a network for your business? Here is a look at the steps involved:

How To Set Up A Small Business Computer Network:

  • Decide if you want to go in for a wired or a wireless network. You have to read the benefits of both as well as the disadvantages. Today, more and more people are going in for wireless network however, it is more expensive than a wired network setup. However, you should note that it is easy to setup a wireless network. You just have to choose the wireless equipment, configure the router and connect your system and other peripherals.
  • You should decide if you want a peer-to-peer setup or a client-server setup. In a peer-to-peer setup, the computer acts as both the client and the server, but in a client-server setup, one system acts as the client and another as the server. Resources are added or removed from the network. The nest step is to choose an internet connection. You can choose between DSL, Dial-Up, Cable and Satellite. Check out the reliability and customer service of the Internet service provider before paying up for the service.
  • Setting up the network will require that you check the compatibility of your network adapter. A Universal Serial Bus (USB) network adapter is easy-to-install, but for laptops a wired CardBus or CF network adapter is a good option. Once you have the adepter ready, connect your office systems together and then connect all system to your chosen internet service provider.

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