Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to convert .ivr files to .wma or .mp3 format using RealPlayer and a USB thumbdrive?

The .ivr (Internet Video Recording) is a video file format used by the RealPlayer software from RealNetworks. The procedures below show how to convert your .ivr files to .wma (Windows Media Audio) or .mp3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3) format using the free RealPlayer and a USB thumbdrive or flash drive.


1) Download RealPlayer version 11.1 (win32) or higher version from RealNetworks and install it to your computer.

2) Plug in your USB thumbdrive or flash drive.

3) In RealPlayer, click "My Library" -> "Playlists" -> "New Playlist".Give your Playlist a name. Then, click the "Add Clips" to add your .ivr files to this Playlist.

a) If all the clip names are all the same after adding your .ivr files, it is advisable to change every clip names to a different name so that when RealPlayer converts your .ivr clips to .wma or .mp3 format, it will not stop at the first clip.

b) If your .ivr files are stored in a folder name in Chinese characters, it is advisable to rename the Chinese characters folder name to English characters to avoid error in adding the .ivr clips into the Playlist.

4) In RealPlayer, click "Burn/Transfer". If you have not install the VideoBurn plugin (11430 KB), RealPlayer will automatically download and install it for you.At the "Current Burner/Device", click to select your USB thumbdrive.Then, at "My Library" on the Left Hand Side (LHS) of the RealPlayer, double-click "Playlist" -> "playlistThatYouHaveJustCreated".

Click "Change Options..." locates at the bottom LHS of RealPlayer.Click the "Transfer" tab. You can choose to convert your .ivr clips to "MP3", "MP3 VBR" or "Windows Media Audio (.wma)" format. You can also choose the quality of the convert clips. As I want to convert the .ivr files to .mp3 format, I select "MP3" and set the quality as "192 Kbps Stereo".

5) In RealPlayer, after setting your "Change Options...", click to select one of the clip names. Then, right-click and choose "select all" to select all the clips. Click the "Add Selected to Device" button to let RealPlayer convert your .ivr files to .wma or .mp3 format, and store the convert .ivr files to your selected USB thumbdrive.

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