Sunday, October 30, 2011

What is Bluetooth? - A Simple definition

No matter the commercial in recent years, it seems every product claims to be bluetooth enabled. The other day I think I heard about a loaf of bread even having bluetooth access. The question begs to be asked; exactly what is bluetooth? To many people, its sounds like something you’d get from kissing a smurf.

Bluetooth was named after King Harold Bluetooth who united Denmark, Norway, & Sweden. The bluetooth technology is a personal area network that unifies your electronic devises. Ericcson developed the technology so that a laptop, cell phone, and camera could all be connected within a small radius. The range of the network can be between 30 and 100 ft. The infrared rays also travel through walls so it doesn’t work like a TV remote where you need a fairway of clean paths just to switch the channel. Devices that are bluetooth ready prove to be a nice safety addition for hands free cell phone use while driving. Information can be shared between users within a small network. So the answer to what is bluetooth could be listed as a small personal network used for safety, communication, and device interaction.

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