Monday, October 17, 2011

List of common Network connections that are using a color coding

Network color coding is very important thing in doing a network cable connections. Network Color coding are used to specify the kind of connection are you going to do or what devices are going to connect. There are three common Network connections that are using a color coding in order to connect those Hardware and Devices. These are the connections from PC to another PC, the connections from PC to HUB, And the connections from Router to any Devices. These three connections are using different types of color settings of a network cable according to its standard cable color settings of the devices that are going to connect.

In doing the Network Cable Color Coding you must have these Equipments:

  • Cat5 Network Cable - These is a network wire cable with eight different colors inside the shield of the cable. It is used to connect those devices.
  • RG45 - it is attached in the both ends of the network cable wire and it is the used to connect the two devices with both RG45 ports. Example, from PC to PC with both LAN Cards.
  • Crimping tools - Used to Cut the cable wire and to compress the RJ45 so the Cat5 wire will attached to the RG45
  • Local Area Network (LAN) Tester - It is used to test the network cable wire connectivity speed and in order you to know that your crimped cable wire is working.
Network Cable Color Codings:
(Straight Thru)

Straight Thru - this type of color coding used in cable connection from Personal Computer (PC) to the HUb. Straight Thru has two type of color codings the 568A and the 568B, they has different color settings but they are both used in PC to HUB cable connection. It depends on you if what type are you going to used.

PC to PC

Cross-over - this type of color coding used to the cable connections from Personal Computer (PC) to another Personal Computer (PC).

Router to Any Devices

Roll-over - this type of network color coding are used in the network cable connection from Router to any devices.

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