Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kaspersky Anti-virus 2012 - Free & easy download

Kaspersky Anti-virus 2012 is one of the best security system for your pc nowadays. Kaspersky released the first build version of 2012, in March 1, 2011. It came out as beta version and in English, French and russian version, as more versions will come out soon. It delivers an all out protection from the latest malwares and viruses. This version features intelligent scanning and frequent updates, while protecting you from emerging threats in the internet. It keeps you constantly ahead from cyber criminals also. This is all because of Kaspersky Lab's great expertise and constantly enhanced in terms of protection technologies.
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Kaspersky Anti-virus 2012 also checks website and file reputations easily and quick. If you want to open or block an online resource links, websites are marked with color coded tags that will show you their danger levels and will allow you to decide whether you continue or not. You can check file safety through Kaspersky Lab's authoritative (a cloud-based information about emerging malware threats) with just a single click on the mouse. By the help of the smart PC resource management technologies inside Kaspersky Antivirus 2012, it minimizes the impact on your computer's performance when browsing the Internet and watching videos through it. You can easily get smart, and frequent updates for your Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 as soon as they are available. The other good thing about these updates is that, it installs automatically to minimize your network traffic and download time, it also reduce your computer's resource consumption. You can easily navigate the completely redesigned interface easily and quickly.

The are a lot of key features this anti virus offers for the users. It has a system watcher and Kaspersky File Ad-visor. It also protects your PC against unknown threats and lets you roll back system changes made by malwares. You are also allowed to check file safety with just a single click from your mouse. Kaspersky Anti-virus 2012 also has an Anti-Phishing module that warns about phishing sites that steals personal data. It also allows you to monitor malware scanning activities as they happen. Navigating around your pc security program is quick and easy now. It also have it's own Task Manager and Desktop gadget. Lastly, Kaspersky Anti-virus 2012 let's you see your computer's security status instantly and gives you quick access to essential security settings inside.

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