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A good example of Hospital Clinical System SRS - (Software Requirement Specification)

The purpose of this document is to describe all the requirements for the Hospital Clinical System

Project Scope
The proposed software product is the Hospital Clinical System. The users will use this system to handle all the functionalities easily. Doctors will also use the system to keep track of the patients assigned to them. The current system in use is not a fully computerized system. It is very time consuming and painful process. It cannot provide updated lists of patients within a reasonable timeframe. The intentions of the system are to reduce over-time pay and increase the number of patients that can be treated accurately. Requirements statements in this document are both functional and non-functional. 

Overall Description

Product Perspective 

This Hospital Clinical System is a self-contained system that manages activities of the hospital as generating patient report, collection report, pending amount report, personnel management and administrative issues. Various stakeholders are involved in the hospital clinical system.

Product Features 
  • Registration 
  • Patient check out 

Report GenerationžUser Classes and Characteristics

The system will be used in the clinic. The administrators, nurses, doctors and receptionist will be the main users. Given the condition is that not all the users are computer-literate. Some users may have to be trained on using the system. The system is also designed to be user-friendly. It uses a Graphical User Interface (GUI). 

  • Receptionist 
  • Administrators 
  • Doctors 
Operating Environment 
This software will be used to operate in the environment of Wellawatta Medi Clinic. This proposed software will be used in Windows platform in the version of Windows 7.MySQL will be used for the database to hold the patients, doctors and other employees’ details.

Design and Implementation Constraints The existing Telecommunication infrastructure is based on IEEE100802.3 standards and the system must conform to this standard using category 5 cables for networking. The system must be user-friendly with user documentation 

Assumptions and Dependencies 
It is assumed that one hundred IBM compatible computers will be available before the system is installed and tested. It is assumed that the clinic will have enough trained staff to take care of the system.
System Features

Secure Login to interface

It will consist of two basic fields, Username and Password. There are two buttons: Login and Forgot Password. So that we can grant access to users. To implement the security, the web page must check the database to see if the Username and Password are valid. If they are not, the user will receive an error response. Web-based interface for editing details Web-based interface to assign/update details

Information about each person in the database will be shown if the mouse is highlighting a name for one second. Additionally, once logged in, upon hitting the back button and reentering the site will not call for another log in screen. The main function will use MYSQL to pull information of the database.

The user will be given a list of names. They will also be given the ability to sort the patients, doctors or others. The user will be able to change the status of the patients.This interface will depend mostly on retrieving information from the database. MYSQL will be integrated into the HTML and will retrieve needed information.

External Interface Requirements

User Interfaces 
The first interface is the log-in screen. This is where the user has a specific Username and Password so that they can gain access to the database. Next is the menu interface. You can choose which section you would like to view and are able to update any of the categories displayed in the columns. The next and final interface is the “assign/update” page.

Hardware Interfaces 
Though not necessarily interfacing with the hardware, the system must make use with an internet connection.

Software Interfaces Along with the internet connection, the system makes indirect use of an internet browser.Outside of the HTML code and MYSQL, the code doesn’t tell any software, including the browser, what to do.

Communications Interfaces
  The system uses an internet connection to connect to the database. The code itself though, does not specifically direct the network controllers to do any work.

Other Nonfunctional Requirements

Performance Requirements 
  • Response Time
  • Capacity
  • User-interfacež
  • Conformity 
Security Requirements 
  • Patient Identification 
  • Logon ID 
  • Modification 
  • Compliance 
  • Receptionist Rights
  • Administrators' Rights
  • Nurses' Rights 
  • Doctors Rights 

Software Quality Attributes
  • Maintainability
  • Extensibility
  • Reliability
  • Reusability
  • Portability
  • žEfficiency
Other Requirements

  • Patient Mandatory Information
  • Update Patient Information
  • Search for Patient
  • Staff Mandatory Information
  • žUpdate Staff Information
  • žEmployee Information
  • Database
  • Operating System
  • Web-Based 
  • žBack-Up
  • žErrors
  • Availability

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